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NuGeon’s premium semi-loaded calipers are remanufactured at NuGeon’s parent company, QBR Brake, Inc. (“QBR”). QBR’s 61,250 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Stockton, in Central California. QBR was incorporated in 1986 and started remanufacturing calipers in 1990. In April 1998, QBR became the first national caliper remanufacturer in the United States to successfully register to the QS-9000  quality standard. Today, QBR’s Stockton factory maintains a Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001:2008  international quality standard and an Environmental Management System registered to the ISO 14001:2004 international environmental standard. QBR has received numerous awards, including an Outstanding Rebuilder Achievement award from AlliedSignal Automotive in 1994 and an Environmental Excellence award from the Stockton City Council and the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors in 2002.

QBR Building 1 QBR Building 2

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Not all “semi-loaded” calipers are created equal! 

A NuGeon semi-loaded caliper is the same thing as a complete loaded caliper, except that the brake pads are not included. However, the caliper is fully assembled; its bracket or yoke, if applicable, is included; the guide pins and bushings are factory-lubricated; the bolts are factory-torqued to SAE specifications. All pad mounting hardware is included. A tube of Ceramlub® disc brake silencer is also included.

Feature NuGeon Competitor
100% New Hardware Yes No No Yes
100% Air-pressure tested Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guide bolts 100% tested for function, straightness and alignment Yes ? ? ?
Same piston material as OE Yes Not always Not always Yes
Phenolic/Aluminum pistons always replaced with new Yes No Yes Yes
Bracket included* Yes No Not always Yes 
If the bracket is included once, it will always be included Yes N/A Yes No
Pad Hardware Included Yes Not always Yes Yes
Factory quality system has ISO registration Yes Yes Yes No
Lean Manufacturing, one-piece flow for exceptional quality performance Yes No No No
Caliper wrapped in OE-style VCI paper for additional rust protection Yes No No No
OE cross-reference and List of critical core components on the label Yes No No No
Semi-loaded coverage Over 3,000 SKUs Less than 2,500 SKUs Less than 2,500 SKUs Over 3,000 SKUs

NuGeon Box

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*    Except when it is preferable not to include it for safety or ease-of-installation reasons.