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NuGeon’s line of NHT premium powder-coated calipers are powder-coated and assembled at NuGeon’s parent company, QBR Brake, Inc. (“QBR”). QBR’s Stockton factory, which maintains a Quality Management System compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 international quality standard and an Environmental Management System registered to the ISO 14001:2004  international environmental standard, has a special line for the NHT program. Calipers built on that line go through a special cleaning, blasting and inspection process; next, they are coated with an iron-phosphate solution; their critical areas, cavities and threaded holes are carefully masked or plugged; they are powder-coated with the most up-to-date equipment; and reassembled with 100% new pistons and components. They are sold in axle sets and come with an installation guide, a bleeder hose and an “NHT anti-squeal solution” kit which includes a tube of Ceramlub® silencer, an instruction sheet and in some cases, a set of Nu-Lok® shims. NHT caliper sets are available in Red , Black , Gold , Silver and Yellow . Other colors can be quoted upon request.

Color Calipers

NHT calipers are semi-loaded. The bracket, yoke and pad mounting hardware is always included. And of course, the standard features of regular NuGeon calipers also apply to the NHT program.  


   100% New pistons and bolts
   100% new Pad hardware always included
   NHT Anti-squeal kit included
   100% Air-pressure tested
   Guide bolts 100% tested for function, straightness and alignment
   Same piston material as OE
   Bracket included*
   If the bracket is included once, it will always be included
   Castings are either OE castings or structurally and dimensionally identical to OE
   Factory has ISO registration(s)
   Lean Manufacturing, one-piece flow for exceptional quality performance


More Information
The NHT Caliper Numbering System

Except when it is preferable not to include it for safety or ease-of-installation reasons.